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DESCO warranty is TWO years on parts and TWO years on labor!
The way we handle warranty: WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS!
Most other companies have only a one year warranty on parts and ONLY 90 DAY WARRANTY ON LABOR! 
Don Smith Sr. Founder of DESCO
Founder Don Smith said, “It’s not how will it works when you first buy it. They all work the day you buy them.
The real test is fifteen, twenty five years down the line. Is it still working as good as the day you got it, or is it
off setting in some weed patch?
That’s how you judge the value of your investment”.
The way we handle warranty, WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS!
Standing on principle is why we confidently say DESCO can MAKE YOU MONEY and SAVE YOU MONEY!
We have the best recycling machines on the plant! We have the industry’s BEST WARRANTY!
We have the highest quality products in the industry. We have been in business for over 25 years,
We have machines around the world! We are family owned and proudly made in the USA.
DESCO Saving You Money and Making You Money!
DESCO is the solution to your problem.